Lenny Hacker (Buddy Hackett) is a comedian who has seen better days.  While on his way to a gig he learns that it has been cancelled due to ticket sales being basically nonexistent.  He then has engine trouble, and his spaceship crash lands on planet Catraz.  Catraz is a prison planet where there are no bars or cells.  The prisoners are the only ones on the planet, and they have free reign.  Prisoners are dropped in, but no one leaves.

On Avalon, Colonel Weiss (Gottfried John) is preparing Fort Hope for an inspection.  Weiss is desperate to get out of Fort Hope and wants to make a good impression.  Weiss has been having dress rehearsals for the inspection.  Captain Boon (Jeff Kaake) and his teammates are getting sick of the dress rehearsals. 

The inspector is General Kincaid (Arlen Dean Snyder).  The general is Daniel Kincaid’s (Danny Quinn) father.  Daniel is not happy that his father is coming to Fort Hope.  When he hears that Hacker crash landed on Catraz he convinces Boon to request a mission to save the comedian.  When the general hears that his son is on what amounts to be a suicide mission, he is furious with Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt) and holds her responsible for his son’s safety.

On Catraz the team finds Hacker but also find themselves in a dire situation when a brutal prison leader, Ree (Cec Verrell) plans on torturing the Rangers to get the codes needed to escape from the prison planet in their transporter pods.  

This episode was never aired in the U.S.

The Planets:  New Venus –An Earth colony that was attacked by Banshees.  The men abandoned the planet, but the women stayed to fight the Banshees.  This resulted in the rise of an Amazonian type of planet where the women ruled.  Jo Jo is from New Venus.  Skaraab –An uninhabited planet with two suns.  All plant life is burned each day and must re-grow each night.  It is sacred to the Graaka and houses an ancient Graaka burial temple.  Earth –Home base to the Space Rangers Corps & Central Command.  It takes several weeks at light speed to reach Avalon and Fort Hope.  Avalon -Home of Fort Hope and where Captain Boon and his team are based.  The planet looks similar to the American southwest.  Catraz –A Penal colony planet where storms rage constantly.  The entire planet is run by the inmates.  There are no guards.  Red Nebula -A haven for smugglers.  The red clouds of the nebula jam most sensors making it the perfect cover for criminals.  Vee'Lon Prime –The home of the Vee’Lon race.  It is a wet, sandy, and tropical planet.

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