The Vee’Lon prince, Gor’Dah (Sherman Howard), is at Fort Hope to negotiate a trade agreement.  With him is his aide, Lord Muk’Toh (Dana Gladstone).  On the side of the humans are Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt), Colonel Weiss (Gottfried John) and negotiator Marla Baker (Claudia Christian).  The Vee’Lons are a warrior race, so everyone treads lightly. 

After the negotiations Marla takes the prince and his aide on a tour.  One of the stops they make is at Gino’s Bar.  While in the bar the prince sees Jo Jo (Marjorie Monaghan) sitting with Captain John Boon (Jeff Kaake).  Fascinated by Jo Jo’s blonde hair the prince grabs it to get a better look.  Jo Jo tells him to keep his hands off.  Not understanding what she means he grabs her hair again.  Boon decks the prince which sets off an interplanetary incident. 

The prince demands a formal apology from Central Command’s Ambassador Hardcastle (John Mahon).  On the way to Fort Hope the ambassador’s ship blows up.  Without the ambassador it is up to Marla, who happens to be one of Boon’s old flames, and Boon to extend the formal apology.  While trying to do that Boon offends the prince again.  Unfortunately, this insult comes with the punishment of death.

Claudia Christian played Susan Ivanova in the television science fiction series Babylon 5.  The most well-known Space Ranger was Buzz Lightyear from the “Toy Story” franchise. 

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