A Graakan named Karlat (James Lew) is arrested.  Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt) believes he may be working for a suspected smuggler named Isogul (Richard Grove).  Isogul pays Karlat’s bail.  Isogul then kills Karlat and frames Zylyn (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) for his murder.  Zylyn is arrested.  Captain Boon (Jeff Kaake), Jo Jo (Marjorie Monaghan), Doc (Jack McGee) and Daniel Kincaid (Danny Quinn) pool their money to try to find a lawyer to defend Zylyn.  Unfortunately, the Graakas are looked on as a violent race and are subject to prejudice.  Many of the Rangers are opposed having Graakas in the corps. 

Prosecutor Murdoch (Leon Russom) is at Fort Hope from Central.  He was there to preside on a case against Isogul but it fell apart when the witness was murdered.  Now he is available to prosecute Zylyn.  Murdoch wants to try the case at Central, but Commander Chennault insists on trying the case at Fort Hope.  She assigns Colonel Weiss (Gottfried John) to be the judge.  With no other alternative Boon and Doc agree to be Zylyn’s defense team.

As the case unfolds there are suspicions that there is more going on than framing Zylyn for murder.  The fate of the entire Space Ranger force and Fort Hope itself may be at stake.

This episode was never aired in the U.S.

Having watched all the episodes created for “Space Rangers” I feel that the series never really had a chance to find an audience.  The stories may have been generic and the budget not all that big, but the episodes were delivered with gusto and a lot of humor.  It didn’t help that the episodes were shown out of sequence.  The pilot episode was shown third which was confusing to people when Boon all of a sudden had a family that he didn’t have in the previous two episodes.  To cancel the show after only one episode seems a little unfair.  Much of the show is reminiscent of the “Babylon 5” style of science fiction, unusual characters each with their own personalities.  Unfortunately, “Space Rangers” never had the opportunity to fully explore the various characters.             

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