Captain John Boon (Jeff Kaake) and his team find a transport that had been reported as stolen by a known crime lord named Isogul (Richard Grove).  They find on board a cargo of iron ore.  They are a little puzzled since the cargo is not worth stealing.  As they inspect the cargo they are ambushed.  During the fight Doc (Jack McGee) has his prosthetic arm shot off and Jo Jo (Marjorie Monaghan) gets a couple cracked ribs.  The team captures one of the thieves (Tony Amendola) and the transport.  Another person seems to disappear into a wall.

Back at Fort Hope, on the planet Avalon, Boon complains to Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt) and Colonel Weiss (Godfried John) about how the working conditions put his crew in danger.  Between the budget cuts, the overwork and the equipment problems his crew is on the verge of exhaustion and their tempers are short.  Weiss assigns an android to assist the team.  Neither Boon nor his team is happy about having an android added to the mix.  They nickname the android “Ringer” (Keith Berger) as in “Dead”.

While Boon tries to figure out what the transport was smuggling, the captured thief is killed in his cell.  They find out that the killer is an alien called a Bashad (Richard Marcus).  The Bashad have the ability to individualize their cells and then reconstitute them.  This enables them to pass through things like walls and bars.

Boon suspects that the Bashad works for Isogul and that they may be trying to smuggle to planet Avalon a drug called Exjay.  But without evidence they can do nothing about it.  Boon’s problems are also compounded when he finds out the real reason that Ringer was assigned to his team.

The complete series was released on VHS.  Later it was released to DVD for Region 2.  In 2013 Mill Creek Entertainment released the complete series on DVD in Region 1.  For some reason Mill Creek’s release had two DVDs.  One disk contained the six episodes.  The second has the same six episodes but combined into three mini-movies of two episodes each.  Mill Creek also showed the episodes in a different order from how the shows were released to television and in a different order from what was intended. 

Mill Creek release:  "Pilot/Fort Hope", "The Replacements", "Banshees", "Death Before Dishonor", "The Trial", "To Be Or Not To Be".  Television release order: "The Replacements", January 6, 1993, "Banshees", January 13, 1993, "Death Before Dishonor", January 20, 1993, "Pilot/Fort Hope", January 27, 1993, "To Be...or Not to Be", UNAIRED, "The Trial", UNAIRED.  Intended release: “Pilot/Fort Hope”, “Banshees”, “The Replacements”, “Death Before Dishonor”, “To Be... or Not to Be”, “The Trial”.

Richard Grove's character, Isogul is Lugosi, as in Bela Lugosi, spelled backwards.

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