In the Red Nebula, a transport is attacked by Banshees.  On board are illegal colonists trying to escape unrest on their home planet and looking for a place to settle.  The colonists rush to escape pods.  As they abandon the ship a young boy ends up left behind.  The smuggled refugees are picked up by the Space Rangers, but no one is talking.

Colonel Erich Weiss (Gottfried John) calls Captain John Boon (Jeff Kaafe) and his team in for an assignment.  He wants Boon and his crew to catch a live Banshee.  Catching a Banshee is, so far, impossible.  No one knows where they come from, they just suddenly appear and attack. 

Weiss says they have a new device that is supposed to cryogenically freeze one so it can be transported.  It’s not until Boon learns that there is still a boy (Rick Latini III) alive on the transport that he agrees to go.  No one is sure how he is still alive.  In addition to his regular team, Boon takes along Fort Hope’s technical wizard, Mimmer (Clint Howard) to operate the freezing device.

The rescue mission becomes complicated when the transport full of Banshees begins to disappear into a different dimension.    

Although the title sounds like a Saturday afternoon children’s show, or after school special with kids as spaceship pilots, it is actually more adult oriented.  Not much but it is adults that fly the ships, not children.  The characters are standard issue, rugged pilot, alien sidekick, Amazon woman, comic relief engineer and fresh-faced cadet.  Even the stories are nothing special.  With average special effects, a rather low budget and plenty of explosions and shoot outs, outer space style, it is a bit of fun.  You could even look at it as almost a parody but seriously done.  Consider it somewhat of a guilty pleasure.  I was entertained. 

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