On the distant planet Avalon is an Earth colony called Fort Hope.  In the year 2104 Captain John Boon (Jeff Kaake) is a member of a police force called Space Rangers Corps.  Boon commands the spaceship Ranger Slingship #377.  The members of his team are his navigator, Jo Jo Thorsen (Marjorie Monaghan), ship’s engineer, Doc (Jack McGee), a Graaka named Zylyn (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) and Daniel Kincaid (Danny Quinn), a newbie fresh out of the academy.  The Commander of the Fort Hope Space Rangers is Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt).

Boon has just returned from a mission when he is told that an escape pod containing a wounded passenger is asking for him.  The woman notifies Boon that his former captain, ex-Ranger Decker (Wings Hauser) is part of a transport ship that crash landed on the planet Skaraab and need rescuing.  Skaraab is a lifeless planet that is scorched every day by its two suns.  If they are not rescued before the second sun rises, they will be burnt to death.  Skaraab also happens to be a sacred Graaka burial site and landing on the planet would break a treaty that took fifty years to negotiate.

Boon feels obligated to save Decker since Decker, at one time, saved his life in the past.  Commander Chennault can’t sanction the rescue mission but understands Boon’s feelings.  Boon and his team head out to rescue the survivors of the crash.  When they get there, however, they find that things are not exactly what they appear.    

“Space Rangers” aired on CBS television in 1993.  It was a science fiction space opera. The show was cancelled after the first episode.  There were only six episodes made and only four of them were aired in the U.S.  All six were aired overseas.  There are some disagreements as to which episodes should be in which order.  Since only four of the six were ever aired, I hardly think it matters. 

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