When Abby (Hannah Spearritt) was in Connor’s (Andrew Lee Potts) lab she downloaded the data on his computer.  Matt (Ciaran McMenamin) begins uploading it to a PC to try to determine what he is working on for Philip (Alexander Siddig).  Before he can look at the information, they are alerted to an anomaly opening.  Jess (Ruth Kearney) informs Matt that the anomaly is coming from Connor’s lab.  Connor has created a man-made anomaly.  When Matt tells him to lock it, Philip arrives and forbids it.  He needs the anomaly open in order to collect data.  He then goes back to the “New Dawn” facility to work on the collection process. 

Abby tries, one more time, to talk some sense into Connor.  Connor tells Abby about “New Dawn” and how Philip is trying to create unlimited energy.  While they are out of the room a beetle comes through the anomaly.  A guard sends it back.  Suddenly thousands of large beetles swarm through the anomaly followed by a giant queen beetle.  They attack and eat the guard.  The beetles trigger the security system, and the building goes into lockdown.  Everyone is ordered out.  The beetles burrow through the concrete walls of the lab and chew through the wiring.  In short order they are swarming all over the building.

Left inside the building are Matt, Becker (Ben Mansfield), Abby, Connor, Emily (Ruth Bradley) and Jess.  Jess is bitten by one of the beetles and has an allergic reaction.  Philip decides that the only way to stop the beetles is to initiate an auto destruct system built into ARC.  Once activated the building and everyone inside would be incinerated.            

Episode 4 of season 5 features Future Beetles and the return of Rex the Wonder Coelurosauravus.  Future Beetles were eusocial, swarming, carnivorous beetles from the future.

The New Dawn Prototype was a created by Connor Temple.  It was a smaller version of machine built by Philip at his New Dawn facility.  With it Connor was able to create a small stable anomaly.  With the Prototype Philip was able to collect important data that allowed him to complete the larger New Dawn Machine. 

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