The team gets called to an anomaly at an art exhibit.  April (Janice Byrne) talks Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) into staying and working on his project for Philip (Alexander Siddig).  Matt (Ciaran McMenamin), Becker (Ben Mansfield) and Abby (Hannah Spearritt) answer the call.  The team finds the anomaly and a Raptor.  They trick the Raptor into entering the anomaly and close it.  Abby then finds that instead of sending the Raptor back to the Triassic period, they have sent it to the late 1860’s.

Matt decides he needs to go into the anomaly and find the Raptor.  While chasing the Raptor he runs into Emily (Ruth Bradley).  Based on her time traveling through the anomalies she realizes that what has been killing people in her time is the creature and not a human murderer that the papers have dubbed Spring Heel Jack.  Emily has been hunting the creature. 

Emily’s husband, Lord Henry Merchant (Stephen Hogan) has been unhappy that his wife is not behaving like a normal Victorian woman running around London by herself and because of the time she disappeared when she was in the anomalies.  He has become the laughingstock of his club, and this will not do.  He decides to have her committed to Bedlam insane asylum.

At ARC Abby breaks into Connor’s laboratory to try to find out what the secret project is that he is working on.

Episode 3 of season 5 features a Raptor.  The Raptor in the episode is an unnamed species of Dromaeosaur from the Cretaceous period.  Where this particular Raptor came from is not mentioned in the episode. 

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