Connor tells Matt and Abby that he now knows that Philip had been in league with Helen.  He also tells them that the machine he created was just a prototype and that Philip has one that is a hundred times bigger, and Philip knows how to use it to create anomalies.  The team updates James on what has been going on while he was away.  They decide that they must try to find a way to shut down Philip’s machine before he destroys the world.

In the meantime, an anomaly opens, and a T-Rex begins rampaging through downtown London.  Matt takes it down. 

Suddenly anomalies open up all over the world.  Matt explains that what is happening is a natural phenomenon called convergence.  Every million years or so the magnetic poles of the Earth reverse, resulting in the anomalies.  In order to survive, life must adapt to the new conditions.  Should convergence be interrupted, it would be catastrophic for the planet. 

Philip, on the other hand, believes that “New Dawn” would open up a stable anomaly which would close all the others and absorb the energy.

In the meantime, all hell breaks loose.

Episode 5 of season 5 features Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Columbian Mammoth, Precambrian Worm, Pterosaurs, Kaprosuchus, Anurognathus, Tree Creeper and a bunch of unidentified creatures.  Some are stock footage, and some are new footage.

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