An anomaly opens in a warehouse at a motorcar test track facility.  The latest anomaly releases a giant ant-like creature called a Megopteran.  The insect gets dispatched, and the anomaly is locked.  The team is unaware that a second Megopteran came through the anomaly and is still in the warehouse.  In researching the creature, they find that it is from the future.  They then discover that it is from the same future as the artifact.

Abby’s nosy brother Jack (Robert Lowe) knows that Abby doesn’t work at a zoo.  Determined to discover her secret he steals her portable anomaly detector and finds his way to the warehouse where the anomaly is.  Inside he finds the dead guards.  He is then attacked by the Megopteran.  Trying to escape, Jack jumps into one of the test cars.  The Megopteran jumps on top.  Jack tries the throw the insect off and manages to run over the device that locks the anomaly.  With the anomaly open, Jack drives through it and ends up in a post-apocalyptic future.  It is the future of not only the artifact but for the Megopteran and the Future Predator.

While trying to rescue Jack, Danny sees Christine Johnson’s (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) head officer, Captain Wilder (Alex McSweeney), with an unknown woman (Kate Magowan) in the future.  James realizes Christine has an anomaly with a cloaking device.

Episode 8 of season 3 features Megopteran and the return of the Future Predator.  The Megopteran was a giant insectoid creature from the future, derived from Hymenoptera. They are in the same category as wasps, bees and ants.  It is carnivorous and deposits its eggs inside a host.  It inhabited the same time and place as the Future Predators.

There are quite a few strong female characters in the series.  Unfortunately, some of them are evil.

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