An anomaly opens up in a junkyard.  Through it comes a wounded Dracorex.  The anomaly detector at ARC sounds.  Danny, Abby, Connor, Sarah and Becker take off for the junkyard.  They find and corral the Dracorex.  They then attempt to send the wounded animal back through the anomaly.  Before they can it turns and runs away.  Just then a knight in shining armor comes through the anomaly.  The knight, Sir William de Mornay (Tony Curran) had been chasing what he thought was a dragon in the 14th century.  They both went through the anomaly which dropped them into the present time.  It appears that the Dracorex first ended up in the 1300’s and then entered another anomaly to the present time.

While Connor and Danny try to track down Sir William, Abby and Becker go looking for the Dracorex.  Sir William, being totally confused, believes he is in hell and that everyone around him is a demon.  The Dracorex, having been wounded by Sir William, is afraid and running rampant in the forest.  As they are each chasing their prospective preys, Sarah crosses into the anomaly to try to find out more about Sir William.  If Abby can’t catch and administer to the Dracorex, it will die.  If Sarah can’t convince Sir William to go back through the anomaly, the future will be altered forever.

Connor finds out the Rex is being auctioned off on E-Bay.    

Episode 7 of season 3 features Dracorex.  Dracorex was a dinosaur genus of the Pacycephalosauridae family and lived during the Cretaceous period.  It had powerful hind legs and a horned skull.  Although not actually vicious, Dracorex could be aggressive towards larger animals when afraid. Normally, their fight or flight reflex would result in flight, they might attack if they felt cornered or felt they had no choice. 

Tony Curran, who plays Sir William, also played Vincent Van Gogh in a story of the Dr. Who television series.

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