An anomaly opens up near a quad-bike rally.  A herd of Embolotherium has come through it and is foraging in the woodlands.  Connor, Sarah, Abby and Becker are dispatched to the scene.  In the forest the bull Embolotherium is startled by a bike rider and charges.  A baby wanders away and gets stuck inside a refreshment tent, and the cows mill around.

In the meantime, Danny is breaking into Christine’s research center trying to get some information on the unknown woman that Captain Wilder brought back from the future.  He manages to work his way to the interrogation room to listen in as Christine tries find out who she is.  All she will say is that everyone in the future is dead and she needs to get to ARC.  In her possession is a book with various notes in it and a handheld device of unknown origin or purpose.  The woman tells Christine that she doesn’t know what the device is but assumes it is broken.  Christine doesn’t buy it. 

Captain Wilder realizes that Danny is listening in.  Danny manages to get the woman and escape from Christine’s research center.  The woman, now called Eve (Kate Magoan) says she needs to get to James at ARC to warn him.  Danny takes a detour to where the rest of the team are trying to corral the Embolotherium.  When they stampede toward the campground Eve uses the device to create an anomaly sending the herd back to their time.

When the team, along with Eve, return to ARC they learn that the woman is not who she purports to be.     

Episode 9 of season 3 features Embolotherium.  An Embolotherium was a genus of brontothere, related to rhinoceros, which lived during the Eocene epoch.  They are herbivores and normally peaceful unless upset.  The bull is more aggressive.  A herd is usually comprised of one bull and several cows and babies.

The digital imagery pendant was a device from the future that, when worn as a pendant, and activated, would create a holographic mask over the user’s face as a disguise.

The Anomaly Opening Device was a piece of future technology.  With the device one could open and close anomalies.  To make it work, Helen downloaded the Matrix onto the devise using the ARC computer from the alternate future.  Once the information was downloaded the user could open the nearest anomaly and show routes through the anomalies. 

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