Jenny decided that her near death experience was more than she could handle.  She quits ARC.  With her gone and Nick dead, Christine is ready to slide in her handpicked stoolie Captain Ross (Michael Wildman).  James (Ben Miller) surprises everyone and puts Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) in charge of the team.

Christine Johnson (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) has planted spy cameras all over ARC.  She finds out that they have the artifact.  She uses her power in the Ministry to take over operations at ARC.  Taking the artifact with them, Danny, Sarah (Laila Rouass), Abby (Hannah Spearritt) and Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) flee to an old Ministry of Defense safe house.  The safe house happens to be an old rundown cabin near a mine field.  When they arrive, they find that whoever was there last, left in a hurry, decades ago.

It turns out that the cabin is also the site of a reoccurring anomaly.  The anomaly opens and a flock of Terror Birds descend on the team.  The anomaly also triggers an alarm at ARC.  Christine sends out a couple soldiers to find the anomaly and ascertain whether or not it imposes any risks.  Danny and the team are faced with dealing with rampaging Terror Birds, Christine’s soldiers and a mine field.

Abby’s brother Jack (Robert Lowe) loses Abby’s pet dinosaur, Rex, in a poker game. 

Episode 6 of season 3 features Terror Birds.  Terror Birds were large, carnivorous, flightless birds from between the Early Pliocene and Early Pleistocene epochs of the Cenozoic era.

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