An anomaly appears in the penthouse of millionaire Sir Richard Bentley (William Scott-Masson).  His assistant, Lloyd (Theo Cross) is there when an anomaly opens up.  The magnetic pull of the anomaly pulls Lloyd’s cell phone into it.  Lloyd goes after it and finds himself in a future forest.  Spores from a fungus spray on him.  Coughing he grabs his phone and backs out of the anomaly. 

Now coughing heavily, he expels spores onto the floor of the penthouse.  He then falls back into the anomaly, and it closes.  The spores he expelled in the present begin to grow.  When Sir Richard comes home, he sees the spores on the floor.  When he touches them, he becomes infected and begins turning into a human fungus.

With Abby’s brother in town, Connor has been crashing at the office.  With him are the two Diictodons that never made it back into their anomaly.  Connor has named them Sid and Nancy.  Sid managed to get away and chewed through the wires for the anomaly detector.  After fixing it Connor discovers that an anomaly opened an hour ago. 

Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) breaks into ARC.  When questioned he says that he just wants to help.  He ends up leading the team as they try to hunt down Sir Richard before he infects everyone in London. 

Jenny has a near death experience. 

Episode 5 of season 3 features a Future Fungus.  The Future Fungus is an aggressive fungus that takes over its human host.  It spreads by either releasing spores or by physical contact.  It likes warm damp places. 

I thought that having a megalomaniac rich guy turn into a fungus was a wonderful idea.

The Diictodons, Sid and Nancy, are named after Sid Vicious, from the punk rock group The Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

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