In the Forest of Dean, where the first anomaly was sighted, the anomaly reopens.  Unknown to The Home Office or Nick (Douglas Henshall) and his team, a creature comes through.  People begin to go missing and a lion at the Wellington Zoo disappears.  Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) takes a sample of some blood in the lion enclosure for analysis.  It comes back as blood similar to a bat but with unusual DNA.

Helen (Juliet Aubrey) reappears and contacts Stephen (James Murray).  She has him to schedule a meeting with James Lester (Ben Miller) and Claudia (Lucy Brown).  She tells them that an apex predator came through the anomaly, and it is from the future.  It is something never seen in the fossil records, because it doesn’t exist yet.  They surmise that it went through a previous anomaly into the Permian age and then into the current time period.  The Future Predator uses echolocation to find its prey.  Helen offers to help but James and Claudia are suspicious of her true intentions.

The team finds the creatures nest, and its young.  The adult is killed.  Nick decides to take the young back through the anomaly and use their homing instincts to try to find the future anomaly and somehow close it to keep others from entering.  Then he plans on killing the young.  He fears that leaving them in the Permian age may change the current future.  What no one knows at the time is that the creature they killed was male.  The female follows Nick, Helen and the Special Forces soldiers through the anomaly.  Then things go terribly wrong. 

Episode 6 of season 1 features a Future Predator.  The future predator has no name.  It is large and cunning.  It stalks its prey swiftly and silently using echolocation.  Too much noise will interrupt this sense.  A Gorgonpsid also makes another appearance.

The Wellington Zoo scenes were filmed at London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo.  This is the final appearance of Captain Tom Ryan (Mark Wakeling) and the character Claudia Brown.

Only two people were in all 36 episodes of the series, Andrew Lee Potts as Connor Temple and Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland.

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