A man is mauled to death on the golf course of Forest Heights Country Club.  Thinking that the death may be the result of something coming through an anomaly, the Home Office is called in to secure the area.  Claudia (Lucy Brown) is in charge.  She calls in Nick (Douglas Henshall) and the team to investigate.

Nick, Stephen (James Murray) and Abby (Hannah Spearritt) figure out that the anomaly is in the sky and that a giant Pteranodon has come through.  Nick has his doubts that the Pteranodon is what killed the golfer.  When it appears that it is after Connor (Andrew Lee Potts), Claudia orders that it be shot down.  Nick interrupts the shot.  Nick and Stephen try to tranquilize the creature so they can get it back through the anomaly.  In the process Claudia gets hit in the head and is knocked out.  When she regains consciousness, she is temporally blind.

With the Pteranodon safely tied up, Stephen checks its excrement and learns that it wasn’t what killed the golfer.  They soon find out that a flock of Anurognathus also came through the anomaly.  The Anurognathus are attracted to the smell of blood and had attacked the golfer when he cut his finger. 

Claudia was taken to a makeshift triage area in the country club to recuperate.  When she stands up, she knocks over a bag of blood plasma that spills on the floor.  The EMT picks up the bag and goes out to an awaiting ambulance.  He is attacked by the Anurognathus while still holding the blood bag.  After they kill the EMT the Anurognathus smell the pool of blood on the floor in the hotel.  Hearing the noise of wings flapping, Claudia backs away and slips, falling into the blood.   Now the Anurognathus are after Claudia.   

Episode 5 of season 1 features the prehistoric creatures Pteranodon and Anurognathus.  Pteranodons flourished during the late Cretaceous period.  They are Pterosaurs, or flying reptiles, that ate mostly fish and small reptiles.  Anurognathus is a genus of small pterosaur that lived approximately 155-140 million years ago during the late Jurassic Period.  They lived in forests, had sharp teeth and ate insects, similar to what bats do. 

In the episode, the Pteranodon and the Anurognathus came through the same anomaly.  In the fossil record the two creatures lived in different time periods.  Anurognathus are insect eaters.  Whether or not they had a heighten sense of smell for blood is total speculation.

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