After returning from the Permian era, Nick (Douglas Henshall) finds that there have been some changes to the present.  In the new present, Claudia (Lucy Brown) never existed.  In her place is someone named Oliver Leek (Karl Theobald).  The Home Office is now called the ARC or Anomaly Research Center, and there are dozens of people employed there to handle anomalies.  His state of future shock overwhelms him for a while.

Without time to adjust, the team is called to the Castle Cross Shopping Mall.  An anomaly appeared in the bowling alley section of the mall.  Nick, Stephen (James Murray), Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) and Abby (Hannah Spearritt)have no idea what has come through the most recent anomaly.  They check out the mall’s security cameras for a clue.  Streaking across the screen they see a Raptor. 

Worried that altering anything in the past may affect the present again, Nick is determined to send the raptor back through the anomaly alive.  Things get a little difficult when they find out that there are three Raptors in the mall, two adults and a baby.

Nick also believes he has found a way to predict when an anomaly will appear. 

Episode 1 of Season 2 features Raptors.  The Dromaeosaurs are of an unnamed species; however, it is generally believed that they are Utah Raptors due to their size.  The Utah Raptor lived in America from the mid Jurassic to the late Cretaceous periods.   The first specimens were found in 1975 near the town of Moab, UT.

At the end of the prior season, Helen lied to Nick about two of the baby Future Predators surviving in the Permian era.  It is suggested that their being left there changed the future and the existence of Claudia.  How their being stranded altered the future is never really explained.

Season 2 has a total of 7 episodes. 

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