After Helen (Juliet Aubrey) is captured, she is brought to the Home Office where James (Ben Miller) and Claudia (Lucy Brown) question her.  James believes that Helen can predict where anomalies will happen.  Claudia believes that kind of information could save lives.  Helen tells them she will only talk to Nick (Douglas Henshall).  When they are face to face Helen warns Nick that a pride of Sabre Tooth Tigers will be coming through the next anomaly.  She convinces them that she needs to take them to the site.

Helen brings them to a walk-in freezer inside a football stadium.  When they find the anomaly Helen tells them to take the meat out of the freezer or it will act as bait for the cats.  In the confusion, Helen escapes into the anomaly.   Captain Ryan (Mark Wakeling) and Stephen (James Murray) race in after her.  On the other side they find a bunch of anomalies.  They have no idea which one Helen escaped into or where they go.  Before they can determine what to do a small flock of Dodo Birds come through. 

Connor’s (Andrew Lee Potts) friends, Tom (Jake Curran) and Duncan (James Bradshaw), are not happy that their friend has been ignoring them lately.  Duncan plants a tracking device on Connor’s backpack so they can follow him and find out what he is up to.  One of the Dodos eats the tracker off of Connor’s bag.  Tom and Duncan, follow the tracker, and find the Dodo.  Thinking that the government has a top-secret project cloning Dodo birds, they kidnap the Dodo and take it to their apartment intent on selling it to the highest bidder.

Back at the freezer the team finds that one of the Dodos has died.  During an autopsy they find it was infected with a parasite.  When the Dodo that Tom and Duncan kidnapped bites Tom, he ends up infected.  The infection changes him into a raging maniac. 

Abby agrees to let Connor sleep on her couch until he finds a place of his own.

Episode 4 of season 1 features Dodo Birds.  Dodos were flightless birds that became extinct during the 17th century.  They were first discovered by Dutch sailors in 1598. They were then hunted to extinction by sailors and invasive species in addition to their habitat being destroyed.  The last sighting of the Dodo was in 1662.   

Some of the episode was shot at Millwall Football Club.

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