Professor John Carmichael (Tullio Altamura) is a scientist who has invented a death ray that is for "peaceful purposes". A demonstration of the ray’s powers has been arranged for representatives of the major foreign governments. Unbeknownst to him a group of enemy agents has infiltrated the NATO officials. As soon as the demonstration is done the foreign factor kidnaps Professor Michael. The attempt to steal the ray itself is sabotaged. The enemy agents take the professor and spirit him away in an awaiting car. They race to a helicopter and fly to an off shore submarine where they abandon the helicopter to the sea and dive beneath the waves.

Agent Bart Fargo (Gordon Scott), who was about to go on vacation, is assigned the case. He must find and save Professor Michael before he is forced to recreate his death ray and have it loosed upon the world.

When Fargo reviews the tapes of the demonstration and the NATO personnel that were in attendance he sees some old villains that he tangled with in the past. Frank (Nello Pazzafini) and Gary (Giulio Maculani) are two hoods that work for a man referred to as Scarface (Carlos Hurtado). Knowing where their headquarters is he travels to Rome, Italy. After beating up a few henchmen he learns that the Professor is being taken to Barcelona, Spain and the club Morocco.

In Spain Fargo beats up some more bad guys. When being chased by Scarface’s henchmen he hides in the apartment of an artist named Lucille (Delfi Mauro). Along the way he saves the life of one of the bad guys, Al (Massimo Righi), and earns his cooperation in trying to free the professor.

“Danger!! Death Ray” AKA “Nest of Spies” AKA “Death Ray” AKA “Il Raggio infernale” or "The Infernal Ray" was release in 1967 and was directed by Gianfranco Baldanello. It is an Italian Eurospy secret agent film with science fiction undertones.

It was released in time to benefit from the James Bond films that saturated the spy genre. The movie is not so much a rip off as it is a spoof. Unfortunately, it’s also not really interesting. It’s silly and over the top with a couple explosions and some machine guns. Despite the usual plot there are some sexy looking women and enough gun fights to give fans of the genre something to do until the next James Bond film is released.

When Gordon Scott isn’t swinging from trees as Tarzan or battling evil villains in sword and sandal films he spends most of his time having sex with beautiful women and beating up bad guys. There is also a damsel in distress that he needs to save from the said bad guys.

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