What the heck is a wingless hangingfly?

At a ski resort a group of criminals want to rob a bank and steal gold bars. To set up a diversion they set off a bomb in a near by gold mine. While setting the detonator one of the robbers, Marty Jones (Richard Sinatra), encounters a monster. He gets away but the barmaid he brought with him is not so lucky.

The next day the bomb goes off and the robbery goes off without a hitch. To make their getaway they plan on taking a cross country ski trip to a remote cabin. Once there a plane is supposed to pick them up and fly them away from the area. They hire a local guide, Gil Jackson (Michael Forest) , to take them across country. They start off for the cabin, but something is following them.

They get to the cabin; however, the plane is delayed due to the weather. A snowstorm has come in. Meanwhile Gil is starting to suspect that his ski party is the ones responsible for the bank robbery. There is nothing anyone can do since the snow storm has everyone boxed in.

Marty, having run across the beast earlier is spooked during the ski trip. He encounters the beast again; however, his fellow bad guys don’t believe him. Finally the beast starts picking off everyone. And taking them back to his cave.

This little gem was produced by Gene Corman, Roger’s brother. Roger is executive producer. The monster is typical low budget “B” movie lame. It is suppose to look like a wingless hangingfly. Yeah. There really is such a thing. Did it look like a wingless hangingfly? Oh I don’t know. It was kinda dark. I guess so. It doesn’t matter anyway. I liked it. As for the movie in general, I liked that too. I don’t know why. There isn’t anything really special to it. The acting and the dialogue are both kinda bad. Its early Corman brothers so it’s done on the cheap. It’s just a little different than the usually monster movie. It’s not often you have bank robbers in a horror movie. Usually its stupid teenagers or big chested bikini clad bimbos. Especially when you’re talking Roger Corman. And how often is your monster a wingless hangingfly? Spiders yes. Hangingflys no.

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