Famed scientist Dr. Bruno Halder (Carolos Ancira) has died. His claim to fame was to bring the dead back to life. Dr. Halder’s body is stolen from its crypt by a bald, hunchback dwarf named Waldo (Santanon), a bunch of green faced zombie minions and one large brained small creature. Waldo brings his master back to life. Blue Demon (Blue Demon) sees the cart with Halder’s body on it and follows it to the doctor’s secret castle. Blue Demon is captured by one of the green zombies. Dr. Halder decides to clone the Blue Demon and use the clone to destroy his arch enemy Santo.

Halder’s niece Gloria (Hedi Blue) is the girlfriend of the wrestler and crime fighter Santo (Santo). Halder is also pissed off at his niece and his brother Otto (Ivan J. Rado) for calling him crazy. In addition to destroying Santo, Halder intends on killing Otto and Gloria.

He sends the cloned Blue Demon and some green zombies to kidnap Gloria and kill Santo. Things don’t work out as planned. Santo and Gloria manage to get away and the green zombies are killed, again, in a car crash. The Blue Demon gets away. Halder decides he needs help in his quest so he sends Blue Demon, Waldo and some more green guys to round up a vampire, a mummy, a Cyclops, Frankenstein and the wolf man. Halder reanimates them and uses a brain wave re-transmitter on them to make them his slaves. Then he sends them out into the countryside to kill random people.

“Santo and the Blue Demon vs the Monsters” AKA “Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstrous” was released in 1970 and was directed by Gilberto Martinez Solares. Like most Luchador films there is a lot of wrestling. Santo’s films especially usually have both in and out of the ring wrestling segments.

Two of the creatures in the movie come from “Ship of Monsters” 1959, Taguel the big brained monster and Uk the Cyclops creature. There are a lot of monsters in this movie. I’m not sure why the big brain guy was there. He shows up just hanging around while Bruno is being reanimated but then you don’t see him again. They must have gotten the costume as a BOGO when they got the Cyclops costume. The hunchback on the dwarf looks more like a shark fin than a spinal curvature.

As for the rest of the monsters they mostly look a little moth eaten. Frankenstein has a goatee, the wolf man has vampire fangs and Dracula has bat ears. When you look at the ensemble they are still weird but also just a little creepy. Being all about the monsters I enjoyed this one despite the stock footage of the Mexican musical. Wacky monsters and all it’s a fun mash-up of monsters, mad scientist and lucha libre.

Included is a lot of action both in and out of the ring. There’s even a match between Santo and the vampire. You also get a couple vampire women in sexy lingerie. Even the music score was pretty good. It’s an all around fun farce and a good addition to the genre.

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