Count Dracula (Aldo Monti) and the Wolf Man known as Rufus Rex (Agustin Martinez Solares) were killed by a wizard named Cristaldi over 400 years ago.  Now, the last ancestors of the wizard are Professor Luis Cristaldi (Jorge Mondragon), his niece Lina (Nubia Marti), his daughter Laura (Maria Eugenia San Martin) and his granddaughter, Rosita (Lissy Fields). 

The Professor receives a letter warning him that revenge is at hand.  The letter is from a hunchback named Eric (Alfredo Wally Barron).  Eric is the minion of Dracula and has sworn his allegiance to him and the Wolf Man.  Lina is dating the famous Luchador, Santo (Santo) and asks him for help. 

Eric hires a gang of criminals to help him kidnap the Professor.  He hangs Professor Cristaldi upside down and slits his throat.  The blood of Cristaldi drips on the skeletons of Dracula and the Wolf Man bringing them back to life.  Eric is then turned into a zombie.  Dracula and the Wolf Man proceed to kidnap people at random and turn them into vampire and werewolf minions.  With his army in place, Dracula begins the next step in his plan.

Posing as the handsome Rufus Rex, the Wolf Man is given the job of seducing Cristaldi’s daughter Laura.  Laura falls for the attractive man, not knowing who he really is.  Laura is then kidnapped and turned into a vampire.  Dracula next has designs on Lina and Rosita.  Santo calls on his friend Blue Demon (Alejandro Moreno) to help him battle the forces of evil.  

“Santo and Blue Demon vs Dracula and the Wolf Man” AKA “Santo y Blue Demon vs Dracula y el Hombre Lobo” was released in 1972 and was directed by Miguel M. Delgado.  It is a Mexican horror movie and a luchador film.

In the sixties Santo battled all manner of criminals.  In the seventies Santo began fighting standard Universal and Hammer Film monsters.  Dracula and the Wolf Man were just two of them.  The Santo films went from black and white to color and the production values increased.  Some think, like me, that the charm of the earlier Santo films slipped a little, but others enjoyed them just as much as the first films since, after all, it was still a masked wrestler battling evil.  Although the earlier films were campier, they had something that American films didn’t have a lot of at the time.  A superhero in tights and a mask.  Santo did fifty-three films during his movie career, which spanned 24 years.  Blue Demon starred in 25 films.

The movie starts out with a rather long wrestling match.  There are actually three matches, one for Santo, one for Blue Demon and one with the two of them together at the end.  The action scenes are OK but not all that impressive.  They do manage to beat up a lot of vampires and werewolves though and there is more than one evil villain.  It ends up being a not great but a decent addition to the Santo cannon.   

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