Ricardo (Gonzalo Aiza) and Barbara (Barbara Wells) are lovers. Vicky (Ana Luisa Peluffo) wants Ricardo for herself so she visits a witch (Norma Somarriba). The witch offers to make Barbara disappear. Vicky is all for it. When the witch’s first attempt doesn’t work she ups the ante. She causes an accident to Barbara’s father which sends her out of town for awhile. She then does some more black magic and binds Ricardo to Vicky. Vicky is then required to give herself body and soul to the devil. The witch then casts a spell on Ricardo that makes him impotent around all women except Vicky.

Ricardo finds out that Barbara hired a private detective to follow him. The detective learns of Ricardo’s relationship with Vicky. He calls Ricardo and warns him about Vicky being in league with the devil. Vicky is on the extension listening in. The devil tells Vicky that Ricardo will confront her and kill her so she must kill him first. She does.

After Ricardo is buried his brother, Carlos (Gonzalo Aiza) starts having haunting nightmares. During one of his dreams he sees himself in the cemetery. Ricardo comes to him and tells him that he is taking possession of his body so that he can get revenge on Vicky. Carlos then has an affair with Vicky and eventually kills her. He gets caught and is put on trial. His defense is that he was possessed by the spirit of his brother. It doesn’t work all that well. Carlos is sentenced to be shot by firing squad.

Narco Satanico” AKA” Terror, Sex and Witchcraft” AKA “Terror, sexo y brujeria” AKA “Cautivo del mas alla” AKA “Captives of the Beyond” was released in 1968 and 1984 and was directed by Rafael Portillo. It is a Mexican horror exploitation film. Director Portillo is better known for his Aztec Mummy trilogy that was done in 1957.

The film was originally released as “Cautivo del mas alla” in 1968 and flopped big time. Fast forward fifteen years and someone, perhaps Aiza who produced the film, rehires director Portillo and decides to do a Jerry Warren on it. To try to salvage something from the original film he sliced and diced it, added some scenes and inserted gratuitous sex and nudity, including total frontal nudity, female only of course. He also added lots of blood and gore including a zombie ripping out someone’s guts, a lot. Of course some of this is fifteen years later and the main stars are looking a little older than they did, including Aiza himself. There are sequences where the stars are old, then young, then old again.

Continuity was the least of this film’s problems. Except for the added horror and exploitation the movie is more boring than not. The editing is also atrocious. It also appears that Gonzalo Aiza, who plays both Ricardo and Carlos, is also billed as Carluis Saval.

Despite it being mostly crap there are some fun things in the movie as well. There is a devil character, a guy in a mask, which is wonderfully ridiculous, a zombie, and the aforementioned, protracted gut extraction.

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