I’m OK with a 7 headed snake

Why people go in the jungle I don’t know. Oh wait, greed is a good reason. As far as I’m concerned if you’re dumb enough to venture into the jungle for whatever reason you pretty much deserve whatever you get. This time anthropologists have found the skeleton of a 300 year old man. Enter a big old pharmaceutical company hoping to find the secret of youth. To do that they need to find a long lost tribe called the Snake People believed to be living relatives of the skeleton.

The pharmaceutical company sends Dr. Susan Elters (Jayne Heitmeyer), and a team of scientists, to find the tribe. They also hire Matt Ford (Stephen Baldwin) to lead an expedition plodding their way through thick jungles to find the lost tribe.

The tribe finds them. They are captured and are held hostage. What they want is to get their skeleton back. The scientists contact the boss. He promises to send the remains of the 300 year old skeleton back to the tribe. What he sends instead is a pack of mercenaries. The soldiers begin slaughtering Snake People in search of the, so called, fountain of youth.

"Snakeman" was released in 2005 and was directed by Allan A. Goldstein. This was originally called “The Snake King” which would have been a better title since there is no Snakeman just a giant 7 headed snake and he’s a nasty looking boy. Of course it eats a bunch of people, and a monkey. The tribe is led by a chief who somehow knows how to speak English. I guess it’s a good thing the French or the Spanish didn’t find them first.

Of course what would a SYFY movie be without a helicopter crash? This time the helicopter crashed because of a storm and not a monster.

I’ve seen low budget movies that were so much worse. The plot has been used before of course. There are only so many jungle movie premises but they did add some plot points that made the movie more interesting. The CGI was what I expected for SYFY channel “B” movie fare. I think the main problem people had with the movie is that it was not about a snake man but about a giant snake. As such I was OK with it since to me a giant monster is just as good as a half man half snake. If you really want a hybrid try “Ssssssss”

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