A hurricane shipwrecks a pleasure boat on an uncharted island. The survivors of the shipwreck are Jerrie Turner (Irish McCalla), Fred Maklin (Tod Griffin), Sammy Ching (Victor SenYung), and Kris Kamana (Charles Opunui). They see footprints so they know there are others on the island.

They are captured by a Nazi Colonel Karl Osler (Rudolph Anders) who was once known as “The Butcher”. He is doing glandular experiments on women to try to restore the beauty of his wife Mona (Leni Tana). The result of those experiments produces disfigurement in the women he extracts the glands from. Hence She Demons.

Osler is also working on a fuel source from lava. Thermal heat from the lava is being used to generate energy. If that is not enough add to that the island is going to be used by the military for test bombing and you have a predicament that our heroes will have a hard time getting out of.

"She-Demons" was released in 1958. It was written and directed by Richard Cunha and with a budget of $65,000 it is the ultimate in low budget “B” movie over the top crap. With a die hard fan base, as the saying goes, this is definitely one of those so bad it’s good movies. If you are a 10 year old boy, or a grown man going on 10, I’m sure you already have it. Do not take it seriously. It really is meant to be corny, and is succeeds admirably.

The acting is atrocious. The dialogue is awful. Every lame joke, comment and comeback you could ever think of is all represented. It’s a festival of campy one-liners. You’ve got Nazi’s complete with German accents, storm troopers, a mad scientist, a secret lab, a spoiled rich girl and a stick up his you know what macho hero type. Don’t forget the “follies bergere” jungle dancing. Although I’m not sure why they are dancing since they are destined to have their faces rearranged.

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