Ba’al the god of life and fertility

Owen Stanford (Scott Hylands) is an archeologist who is terminally ill. He hopes to restore his health by collecting sacred ancient amulets by Ba’al, the storm god. Instead each time he unearths one he unleashes terrible forces that cannot be controlled. In the meantime the storms he is creating are being monitored by a military weather installation. How will they stop the storms from engulfing the world? Nuke it of course.

Part treasure hunt, part disaster movie, part supernatural thriller, part fantasy. Sumerians, lay lines, bible code, mythology. Ice, fire, water, air. What haven’t they thrown in?

"Ba'al: The Storm God" was released in 2008 and was directed by Paul Ziller. Although it’s not an especially great movie, it’s not that bad. I enjoyed it. I was OK with the acting and dialogue (although there was a lot of it) and the CGI was average for a “B” SYFY channel movie, although the face in the clouds was kinda cool. It’s your basic Saturday afternoon matinee. Good for the young, and the young at heart.

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