“Killing is one thing, but bringing it back alive, that’s a whole other bucket of chum guys.”

There has been a rash of shark sightings in the waters of Palomino Island near Puerto Rico. Police Captain Sterling (Nicholas Nene) and his partner Angie Black (Yinoelle Colon) are sent out to check on the last one. All they find is a boat adrift and a camera. The six people that are supposed to be on the boat are gone. The camera shows some fuzzy pictures of what looks like a shark with more than one head. Sterling takes the camera to marine biologist Angie Yost (Nikki Howard) for her opinion. Her boss Thaddeus Marshall (Jeffrey Holsman) says that the picture is a fake. But he has an ulterior motive for not wanting it investigated.

Marshall is head of the oceanarium where he and Angie work. The oceanarium has been having financial difficulties lately. He believes that if they were to capture this multi-headed shark it would bring an infusion of needed cash to the institution. He insists that Angie and her intern students go with him to find this prize and bring it home. With them for the ride are Ram (Chris Costanzo), Cait (Lindsay Sawyer), Sean (Jorge Navarro) and Lindsay (Michelle Cortes).

Out on the ocean they put down some underwater cameras and start chumming the water. When the shark shows up it eats Sean. The others are traumatized. They return to the harbor to report the death. Marshall insists on going back out to try to capture the beast. Yost enlists the aid of her ex-husband Red to try to bring the shark back alive. The dinner bell has rung.

“5 Headed Shark Attack” was released in 2017 and was directed by Nico De Leon and Jose Montesinos. This is one in a line of Asylum pictures done for the SYFY channel and the third in the line of multiple headed shark movies. Asylum also did “2 Headed Shark Attack” 2012 and “Three Headed Shark Attack” 2015. Opting to skip a regular four headed version they went for four heads in front and one in the tail giving it the official 5 heads needed to fill the bill.

Most low budget shark movies are centered on a buffet of bikini clad girls and testosterone inflated guys. This movie started out similar to those but added some more adult garnishes to the feast. It still has the proverbial helicopter take-down so don’t worry about missing that.

With its four heads the shark itself looks kinda like a rubber glove with teeth. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t watched one of these movies in awhile but this one seemed a little more intense than the other multi-headed shark movies. There’s still lots of camp involved but it’s mighty serious camp. Actually don’t expect too much and you’ll be fine. SYFY channel, Asylum films, low budget and five heads pretty much says it all.

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