A man in the 4th dimension is indestructible.

Starring Robert Lansing as Dr Scott Nelson, Lee Meriwether as Linda Davis, James Congdon as Dr. Tony Nelson and Robert Strauss as Roy Parker.

Scott and Tony Nelson are brothers. And they are both scientists. Tony is a little irresponsible. And a little down on his luck. But he is also brilliant. He developed an electronic amplifier that enables a person to enter the fourth dimension. In that state a person can walk through any solid object. Only his notes got burned up and he hasn’t been able to do it again. When he starts working at the same company Scott is working at Tony starts trying to duplicate the results of his first success.

Scott has been working on a substance called Cargonite, a metal so dense that it is impregnable. His boss takes the credit for the development of it. Scott has been having migraines. And dizzy spells. He sees the doctor. The doctor tells him Scott’s brain waves act differently than most people. Perhaps a result of the radiation he has been receiving in his experiments. When he breaks into Tony’s locker and starts playing with Tony’s invention, he gets a surprise. He duplicates Tony’s results.

The amplifier is supposed to amplify the electrical impulses from the brain. Scott doesn’t need the amplifier. Scotts brain waves are different. Scott experiments on himself. He starts committing crimes. He discovers that each time he does this he ages. To reverse the aging process, he must get more energy. He starts killing people sucking the energy out of them to restore himself. Scott’s descent into madness is more than just the effects of the amplifier. He’s also worked himself to death for a boss who does nothing but take. Plus, his girlfriend is in love with his brother. Everything is piling up. Now Scott is unstoppable. And quite angry.

"The 4 D Man" AKA "The Evil Force" AKA "Master of Terror" was released in 1959 and was directed by Irvin Yeaworth. It is an American science fiction film. This was the film debut of both Robert Lansing and Lee Meriwether. Patty Duke is in the movie, but she doesn’t star. She has a small part, and she is around 12 or 13 at the time. The movie doesn’t say if anything happens to her. It’s left to your imagination.

The acting is wonderful. With lots of well-known actors it can’t be anything else. The special effects are great. Some people had a problem with the music. Too much of a jazz beat. I agree that it was a little annoying. If you can ignore the sound track the movie itself is really good. I’m surprised it’s not better known. It’s certainly worth a look.

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