After the bomb at ARC was deactivated James went on the hunt for Oliver (Karl Theobald), but Nick (Douglas Henshall) and this team went looking for Caroline (Naomi Bentley).  Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) traces her phone to a warehouse.  It turns out to be a trap set by Oliver and Helen (Juliet Aubrey).  Nick, Abby (Hannah Spearritt), Connor, Jenny (Lucy Brown) and now, since she has outlived her usefulness, Caroline are held captive in an underground bunker.  Also inside the bunker is a menagerie of creatures that Oliver secretly had captured from the anomalies.  Oliver is after world domination and plans on using the kidnapped creatures to do it.  Helen’s intentions are a little more mysterious.

With most of the team imprisoned, James (Ben Miller) has no one to handle any creature issues.  Oliver has one of his minions let loose a Silurian Scorpion on a crowded beach.  He also tells James that there are twelve different creatures scattered around and he will let them loose unless James backs off.  With no one available, James calls Stephen (James Murray) to deal with it.  Stephen, whose loyalties are being distorted by Helen, agrees to handle the Silurian Scorpion, but on his own terms. 

Oliver, now in charge of everyone’s lives, begins playing deadly games with his captives.  Not everyone will survive.    

Episode 7 of season 2 features several of the creatures from both season 1 and season 2.  Among them are Scutosaurus, Arthropleura, Raptors, Smilodon, Mer Creatures, Silurian Scorpions, and Future Predator.

Once again there is a Wilhelm scream when one of the guards gets trampled by a Scutosaurus.

The anomaly design was created by Haines and the effects team.  The final design resembled shimmering crushed glass.  It represents a fragmented version of what was on the other side of the anomalies.  When people or other objects go through them, the fragments get bigger until they finally step through.

The Neural Clamps were future technology that was used to control creatures like the Future Predators.  They were small round devices that were surgically implanted into the tops of the creatures’ heads.  The clamps used radio signals to tap into a creature’s central nervous system and overrode the animal’s natural instincts.   Forcefully removing the clamp would result in fatal brain damage and kill the creature.

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