When he was stuck in the Silurian age Nick (Douglas Henshall) learned that The Cleaner (Tim Faraday) was on the payroll of someone at ARC, but he doesn’t know who.  After they find their way back to the future with Taylor (Mabel Rogers), Nick arranges a secret meeting with Stephen (James Murray), Abby (Hannah Spearritt) and Connor (Andrew Lee Potts).  They barely get started when the anomaly detector sounds. 

The anomaly generates in the middle of the M25 motorway that circles London.  From it comes a Columbian Mammoth.  The giant beast begins rampaging trashing cars and trucks and anything else in its way.  In the melee, Dina (Susan Salmon) and her young son, Jake (Reuben Lee) are trapped in a car, with the beast in front of them.  The anomaly disappears.  Nick, Abby and Connor manage to capture the creature and bring him back to ARC. 

Helen (Juliet Aubrey) manages to con Stephen and get him on her side.  Nick and Connor continue to try to identify the traitor in their midst.  They set a trap but their foe sends Jenny (Lucy Brown) instead.  Jenny tells them that Oliver (Karl Theobald) sent her.  Oliver, on the other hand, plans a trap of his own.  He tries to kill James (Ben Miller) by sending a Future Predator to kill him.  James finds an inventive way of saving himself.  Oliver is not done with ARC.  He’s planted a bomb that will insure that the entire building is destroyed unless Nick and Connor can stop it.

Episode 6 of season 2 features a Columbian Mammoth.  The Columbian Mammoth was a hairless species of Mammoth that lived in and roamed through North America from the Late Pleistocene to around 8,000 years ago.  Normally a friendly herbivore they may panic when separated from the herd.  The episode also sees the return of the Future Predator.

For most of the series the director of ARC, James Lester (Ben Miller), has been a snarky, snotty, annoying jerk.  In this episode he still is, but he is also the coolest jerk ever.  It is my favorite episode of the entire series.  

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