Professor Shiraki (Toshio Kurasawa) is the new teacher at the Seimei School for girls. When he arrives he is picked up at the train station by Professor Yoshi (Katsuhiko Sasaki). On the way to the school they pass a horrible accident site. Yoshi says that the principal’s wife (Mika Katsuragi) died in the accident. At the school he meets the Principal (Shin Kishida). The Principal says his wife will remain in the cellar for one week and then be cremated. It is a custom in the area. He then tells Shiraki that he plans on retiring due to illness and plans on making Shiraki the principal.

That night Shiraki is woken up by someone singing. He searches for where the sound is coming from. He finds a young woman in a blue nightgown. She has two bite marks on her breast. He then runs into a woman in white. She has fangs and goes after him. Trying to avoid both women he is knocked unconscious. When he wakes it is morning and he believes the brandy he had the night before caused him to have a nightmare. When he takes a closer look at a portrait of the principal’s wife he realizes it was the woman in white in his dream.

Touring the grounds Shiraki meets three of the school’s students, Kumi Saijo (Mariko Mochizuhki), Yukiko Mitamura (Mio Ota) and Kyoko Hayashi (Keiko Aramaki). While he is unpacking Shiraki meets Dr. Shimomura (Kunie Tanaka). He learns from the doctor that one of the girls from the school disappeared recently. Intrigued by this Shiraki begins to investigate the missing girl. He finds her picture and sees that she is the girl he saw in his dream wearing the blue nightgown. Things are looking strange to Shiraki.

That night Kyoko gets bitten by the principal who is a vampire. The next day she passes out in class. Dr. Shimomura is called. Shiraki notices that Kyoko also has bite marks on her breast. He visits Dr. Shimomura to talk to him about them.

Shimomura is an amateur scholar on ancient legends, especially vampire legends. He tells Shiraki a strange story about a white man that was shipwrecked centuries ago. He was a Christian. Since it was illegal at the time to be a Christian he was tortured, forced to spit on the cross and sent to wander in the desert. He drank his own blood to stay alive and turned into a vampire. The story goes that he attacked a girl who he turned into a vampire as well. Shiraki is beginning to wonder if the old tale has some truth to it and if it has anything to do with the strange things going on at the school.

“Evil of Dracula” was released in 1974 and was directed by Michio Yamamoto. The movie is a vampire horror film produced by TOHO and is the third film in what is known as the “Bloodthirsty Trilogy”, a group of three films produced by Fumio Tanaka and directed by Michio Yamamoto. The other two films are “The Vampire Doll” 1970 and “Lake of Dracula” 1971.

Although they are different stories Shin Kishida plays the vampire in both this film and “Lake of Dracula”. Also, as in “Lake of Dracula”, the vampire character in both movies is not actually named Dracula. In “Lake of Dracula” the name was alluded to a couple times but the character was not Dracula.

Tadao Futami was a mostly bit part actor. He is the only actor to have been in all three of the Bloodthirsty Trilogy. He was a train station worker in “Evil of Dracula” a truck driver in “Lake of Dracula” and a gravedigger in “Vampire Doll”.

The movie is a decent entry in the vampire film genre and an interesting take on the vampire myth. There’s also a little more gore to this one. The method used by the vampires to become their new aliases is a little gruesome but it fits in with story line. There is also a little nudity but again it basically fits in with the story. Although the films are not Hammer they are a very nice homage to the horror masters. They go their own way but it’s an entertaining trip and definitely worth watching.

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