Eventually you’ll be our slaves.

The year is 1965. A series of disasters have been happening all over the world. A railroad bridge lifted off the ground causing a train to crash. A ship lifted out of the Panama Canal. A waterspout causing flooding in Venice. The destruction of a space station. Any survivors have experienced frost bite. It is believed that an unknown force is lowering the temperature of objects to the point where their gravity is altered allowing them to be levitated. A conference at the Space Research Center in Japan, being held by Major Ichiro Katsumiya, Dr. Richardson and Professor Adachi, has determined that this could only be done by a force outside of the Earth. In other words Aliens.

One of the participants in the conference is Dr. Ahmed. He leaves the conference and goes out to a balcony where he is bathed in reddish light and then disappears. The participants of the conference are taken to a laboratory where a new Heat Ray Gun weapon is being tested. Dr. Ahmed shows up and tries to sabotage the gun. Dr. Ahmed has been implanted with a devise that allows the aliens to control him. He says that he is from the planet Natari. He flees and is vaporized by a space ship. A devise is found on the ground where Dr. Ahmed was standing. Scientists determine that the devise was transmitting signals from the Moon to control his actions.

Another conference is held. The conference decides that two space ships should be sent into space. Their mission is to go to the Moon and find the alien base of operation. Eighteen astronauts from all over the world are assigned to the mission. Nine in each ship. The night before the flight is to take off one of the astronauts, Iwomura, is kidnapped and implanted with a control devise. On the way to the Moon the ships are attacked by space torpedoes and Iwomura is instructed to disable the ray gun. The ships manage to avoid the torpedoes and land safely on the Moon. Now the battle will begin. Starting in space on the Moon and moving to the Earth.

“Battle in Outer Space” is a TOHO science fiction movie produced in 1959 and directed by Ishiro Honda. The movie is said to be sort of a loose sequel to “The Mysterians” done in 1957.

Lots of different models are used. The Natari UFO, the FFE Space fighter, The Giant Heat Ray Gun, The Space Station, the SPIP rocket ships, the Moon all terrain vehicle, and Natari Mother Ship. They got some cool looking toys. The special effects are great. The sets are also done well. And the battles themselves are good. Even the Moon looked real. It really is a good looking science fiction movie. The Natari themselves are munchkin size. An interesting opposition to the power they have.

You don’t have to be a fan of TOHO or Japanese science fiction to appreciate this movie. Just being a science fiction fan will do. It’s actually a lot of fun.

English dubbed

Japanese subtitled

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