“Nuclear testing continues slowly to contaminate Earth’s atmosphere with the multiple dangers of radiation.”

The nation of Merapolia is experimenting with atomic testing. They plan on using atomic bombs to take over the world. Radiation from previous bombs is not only destroying the Earth’s atmosphere it is putting other planets in jeopardy. The Emerald Planet is one of those planets. They are concerned that Merapolia is not only going to destroy Earth, but the Emerald Planet as well. The High Council, which looks kinda like puppet chess pieces, sends an emissary to Earth to stop Merapolia from its destructive course, thereby saving the Earth and the other planets. Starman is charged with this task.

Starman can fly. He can bend steel with his bare hands and he is impervious to bullets. He has a nifty little wrist watch called a ‘globe meter’. With it Starman can fly through space, detect radio activity and speak and understand every language on Earth. Starman wears a skin tight leotard, a bathing cap and not exactly a cape but more like chiffon bat wings. Starman is also made out of steel, so when he is referred to as the man of steel, he really is a man of steel.

Merapolia first plans on waging war with Japan. Once they have conquered Japan they plan on using atomic weapons on the rest of humanity and becoming the Atomic Rulers of the World! The attack is being led by the Supreme Ruler.

Starman makes friends with some children at an orphanage. While battling bad guys he must recover a nuclear weapon, save a child who has been kidnapped by Merapolian henchmen, find a secret base, rescue Reiko, the sister of a police detective, from certain death, uncover a plot to blow up Japan, expose the supreme leader and bring him to justice.

“Atomic Rulers of the World” was released in 1965 and was directed by Teruo Ishii. “Atomic Rulers” is one of four movies released in 1964 staring the superhero Starman. Although they are not actually movies but are a bunch of shorts put together for the American television audience based on the Japanese superhero Super Giant. The two short films were titled “The Steel Giant” and “Super Giant Continues”. Super Giant was renamed Starman for the American release. The first two shorts comprised the movie “Atomic Rulers”.

Although Starman switches back and forth from his leotard to a suit and tie he doesn’t have an alter ego. He is Starman either way, however there are times when you are flying or fighting bad guys when the leotard comes in handy, but there are other times when it is more convenient to be a little unobtrusive. Like when you are riding on a train or walking around town. Otherwise Starman is similar to most super heroes like Superman where he has super powers but without the Kryptonite and with a really cool wrist watch.

These are basically children’s movies that have a high camp and nostalgia factor for some adults. Take them as they are, low budget family fun from the 60’s.

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