I'm not sure what I expected---but it wasn't this.

Alice is a stay at home housewife. Her husband is a professor who works at the local college. Alice suspects that he is cheating on her. New neighbors move in who are not exactly friendly. On her daily runs Alice starts to notice strange things. She suspects that her neighbor has killed his wife. From then on things get absolutely off the rails.

Is there a serial killer running around Alice’s world? And if so who is it? The new neighbor? The interesting new man she met on her daily runs? Someone else? These are all good questions. As you go along you’ll find out that everything you ever thought about anyone in this movie has shifted.

The opening was a little misleading since I don’t know what the purpose of killing the grandmother was since she had nothing to do with any of the other killings. Perhaps it was to grab interest in the beginning.

After that I felt that the movie moved slowly and I wasn’t impressed with the acting. When it did pick up, (a little) the acting was still bad but the movie did have enough twists and turns that, by the end, you needed a score card to keep track of everything. I found it more than a little weird and rather creepy and by the end everyone went from boring to absolute insane.

Two of the actors in this puzzle box are alumni from “Friday the 13th Part 3”. Traci Savage (Alice Hardy) and Paul Kratka (Norman Hardy).

It’s a strange film. I’m not sure how I felt about it myself. There is a lot of blood and some really strange things that go on. It’s not for kids and it might even give adults a few nightmares. Just proceed with caution.

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