Sir Charles Baskerville (Jason Thorpe) died on the moors of Dartmoor. His friend and physician, Doctor Mortimer (Jason Thorpe) visits Sherlock Holmes (Javier Marzan) and Dr. Watson (John Nicholson). He tells them about the curse of Baskerville hall, the spectral hound, and about his concern for the life of the last heir of Baskerville Hall, Canadian born Sir Henry Baskerville (Jason Thorpe). Holmes agrees to take the case and investigate the strange happenings at Baskerville Hall. Holmes says he must stay in London to finish up a case but sends Watson and Sir Henry to Dartmoor with instructions to report back to him everything that happens.

Watson and Sir Henry arrive in Dartmoor. They are told by a local (Javier Marzan) that there is an escaped convict named Selden (Javier Marzan) somewhere on the moor. As they make their way to Baskerville Hall they meet Cecile Stapleton (Javier Marzan). She urges Sir Henry to leave the moor. Sir Henry is enchanted by the beautiful young woman? Further along they meet Mr. Stapleton (Javier Marzan). They then meet the caretaker of the manor, Barrymore (Javier Marzan) and later his wife Mrs. Barrymore (Javier Marzan).

Watson and Sir Henry begin to hear strange sounds in the house and see lights out on the moor. Suspicious of Barrymore and his wife they decide to keep an eye on the couple. They eventually find Mrs. Barrymore signaling someone. She breaks down and tells them that it is Selden, her brother. Watson finds out that Sherlock is hiding on the moor pretending to be a hermit. When Selden is killed by a large dog Sherlock believes that Stapleton is behind it, but unless he can find some evidence, Stapleton may get away with murder.

“The Hound of the Baskerville” is a theatrical play. The West End Production of the play was filmed in 2007. The play was performed by Peepolykus (People-like-us), a British theatrical troupe. It has a cast of three, Javier Marzan, John Nicholson and Jason Thorpe. They play all the parts. Sherlock Holmes is played by Javier Marzan, with a Spanish accent, and Dr. Watson is played by John Nicholson. Jason Thorpe plays Henry Baskerville.

The play is a parody of a comedy-spoof. It is massively sacrilegious to the Sherlock Holmes cannon in general and “The Hound of the Baskervilles” in particular. The sets are as minimal as the cast. There are also some funny moments especially after the first half of the play when, because of an audience complaint, from 180 people, that they can’t understand the “Dago” they repeat the entire first half of the play, at supersonic speed.

It is a rather physical play with quick changes and a dance under a disco ball. Keeping up with the various characters proves to be a breathless endeavor. There are sound effects and sight gags and Jason, as Sir Henry, speaking with a British accent, because he can’t do a Canadian one. As comedies go it is energetic and fun. There are lots of jokes and several times they break the fourth wall. If you are a Sherlock aficionado, make sure you have a sense of humor before you watch it.

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