Lorena Christmas (Katie Savoy) is a marine biologist working for her Uncle Munoz (Hensy Pichardo), a water park and aquarium owner. While doing research in the ocean she discovers an egg sac containing a baby Sharktopus.

Dr. Rico Symes (Robert Carradine) is the owner of Symodyne. This was the company that created the original Sharktopus. They are currently testing their latest military weapon type creation, a cross between a barracuda and a Pterodactyl they call Pteracuda. The creature is controlled by a chip implanted in its brain. An enemy agent infiltrator working undercover at Symodyne basically hijacks Pteracuda. Unfortunately he spills his coffee on his computer and Pteracuda goes off the grid.

Symes’ muscle man Hamilton (Rib Hillis) and a select group of navy seal wanna bes are charged with corralling the flying, swimming eating machine via, wait for it, a helicopter. It doesn’t go well. The helicopter takedown is quickly dispensed with and Hamilton ‘Hamm’ is the only survivor.

In the meantime Lorena has been raising and training the cute little Sharktopus baby who has since grown into a very large and very temperamental Sharktopus adult. When Symes and Hamm find out that the Sharktopus exists they take it from Uncle Munoz intending on using it to kill the Pteracuda. They plant a control devise into the Sharktopus and send it off after Pteracuda.

Unfortunately Pteracuda pulls Sharktopus’ computer chip off and now both Sharktopus and Pteracuda are off their leashes.

Symes discovers that our Russian-type infiltrator is attempting to regain control of Pteracuda to use it to cause a meltdown at a nearby nuclear power plant. While he, Lorena, and Hamm go looking for the spy, Sharktopus and Pteracuda are frolicking in the surf and dining on people tartar. It’s gonna be a long day.

“Sharktopus vs Pteracuda” was released in 2014 and was directed by Kevin O’Neill. Produced by Roger Corman it is the sequel to Roger’s “Sharktopus” 2010 and is the second movie in the franchise. It is a SYFY movie channel film. Unfortunately the movie has not had a DVD release in the US and is not in the public domain so anything free to view on-line is bootleg. If the picture doesn’t look right or the sound is strange, that’s why.

Much ado has been made by the fact that sharks don’t have egg sacks, their young are born live. Octopuses, on the other hand, do lay eggs. So my reasoning is that, since this is a hybrid, and there is no such thing as a Sharktopus, you can have it birth or lay whatever you want, however you want.

The plot is similar to all the other hybrid monster movies. Monster one and Monster two try to kill each other but in the meantime sunbathers and swimmers are collateral damage, and lunch. The script is unimportant, the acting is average, the CGI is horrible and Conan O’Brien is useless.

The movie itself, on the other hand, was a little fun. Not as fun as “Sharktopus” but there was still plenty of blood, and dismemberment, not to mention more than one beheading. The dust ups between the two spliced up monsters were also numerous. It was your basic Roger Corman monster mayhem. I enjoyed it.

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