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Yes, Yes, Yes! This is the Roger Corman we know and love. In Dinoshark you get lots of action, lots of blood and lots of victims. Roger seems to do quite well with underwater monsters. Whether it’s “Sharktopus”, “Humanoids from the deep”, “Piranha”, or “Dinoshark” he has a way of making you wary of what is swimming with you. Stay away from the water, and definitely stay away from teenagers in bikinis.

“Dinoshark” is a prehistoric shark that was frozen in the arctic just like all prehistoric monsters. Of course, global warming releases it and it migrates to warmer climates. Once there it has 150 million years of eating to catch up on. Fortunately for Dinoshark there is a buffet of beach goers, volleyball players and tourists to dine upon.

Our hero of the story is Trace McGraw (Eric Balfour) who tries to sound the alarm. Of course, it takes forever for anyone to believe there is a prehistoric shark eating people even when they start to disappear with no explanation. Roger Corman himself has a part in this as Dr. Frank Reeves, a scientist that aids in figuring out how to handle this creature.

The CGI is what you would expect for the SYFY channel “B” movie genre. It’s decent but not perfect. We don’t care that it’s not perfect. It’s a dinosaur and a shark in one. And you get to see it a lot. There’s plenty of blood and teeth to keep us happy. There’s a little camp but it’s mostly played serious which in itself is kinda campy. It’s a good monster movie. If you like dinosaurs or sharks or blood, guts, and gore this is the movie for you.

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