“Nothin scares gators. Nothin. Animal or human”

There are lots of strange things in the swamp. One local sees something really bad but his friends think he’s been hitting the sauce. Liz Walker (Yvette Vickers) is married to Dave Walker (Bruno VeSoto). Liz is having an affair with Cal Moulton (Michael Emmet). Dave finds Liz and Cal out together. He chases them with a shot gun through the swamp. He forces them deeper in the swamp and then into the water. Suddenly something comes up out of the water and both Liz and Cal are dragged under. Dave runs to the sheriff and tells him what he saw. Sheriff Kovis (Gene Roth) doesn’t believe Dave and arrests him for murder. Two locals decide to look for Liz and Cal’s bodies for the promise of $50.00 apiece. They never return.

The game warden Steve Benton (Ken Clark) thinks there is something in the swamp that is not human. Something that is killing people. He organizes a search party. They don’t find anything. Not even gators. Doc Grayson (Tyler McVey) thinks that there is a mutated creature in the swamp that has been altered from atomic waste from Cape Canaveral. Doc wants to set off explosives to bring the bodies to the surface. Steve won’t allow it. Doc does it anyway. The bodies of the men come up. But where is Liz’s body? And what killed the men?

An oldie but a goody “Attack of the Giant Leeches” is one of the campiest horror movies ever. So of course it’s one of my favorites. Produced in 1959 by Gene Corman it stars Ken Clark and Yvette Vickers and Bruno VeSoto. It took eight days to film. Can ya tell? The budget was $70,000. The music score used was the same used for “Night of the Blood Beast” and “Beast from Haunted Cave”. The leeches are guys in giant sack suits made of black plastic with fake suckers sewed on. Does it matter? No. It’s one of the most cockamamie story ideas ever. Love it anyway. That’s the beauty of the Corman’s. It’s crap on a plate and with a smile on our faces we eat it with a spoon.

There was a Canadian remake done in 2008. I heard it sucked. (ouch)

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