Several people have been killed by a strange creature. The only thing left are their desiccated bodies. National Security Chief O’Connor (Marco Antonio Campos) calls in Santo (Santo) for his assistance. They think it may be a new weapon that is killing people. Soon a video message is received from a man that calls himself Malkosh (Carlos Agosti). Malkosh claims responsibility for the deaths. He demands ten million dollars in gold bars within twenty-four hours or he will kill more people. When the ransom is not paid there is a series of more deaths. The bodies are found in a similar condition as the first ones.

Another message is received stating that they have forty-eight hours to deliver the gold. If his demands are not met someone high in the government will die every twenty-four hours.

O’Connor is given instructions to load the gold onto a plane. The plane will then be given directions. Santo hides on the plane. When it lands he beats up some minions but eventually gets captured. Malkosh decides to subject Santo to combat in an arena with three different strong men. Santo defeats his opponents and Malkosh gets injured. Malkosh is forced to tell Santos that his weapon is really an alien life form from outer space. He says the alien is spores on a space rock that grows when it comes into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere. It then becomes insatiable, killing everyone it comes in contact with.

It turns out that Malkosh is just an opportunist. The spores were discovered by a scientist, Dr. Bernstein (Carlos Suarez). Bernstein, and half of the rock, has been kidnapped by Malkosh’s even eviler ex-partner Boris Licur (Gerardo Zepeda). Licur wants to conquer the world. To do that he wants Bernstein to make the life form controllable. When the doctor refuses Licur kidnaps his daughter Karen (Sasha Montenegro). Santo must now find Dr. Bernstein and his daughter, stop Licur from executing his evil plans and kill and unkillable space monster.

“Santo vs the Killers from Other Worlds” AKA “Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos” AKA “Santo vs the Living Atom” was release in 1973 and was directed by Ruben Galindo. It is a Mexican horror movie and a luchador film.

I haven’t seen a blob monster this lame since “The Creeping Terror” 1964. The monster in this film is basically a wet brownish tarp with a bunch of guys underneath it. There are no ring fights in this movie. Santo is just your average everyday super hero. There are however, a whole lot of fist fights. The three men that Santo has to fight in the ring are interesting up to a point. It goes on for too long and gets a little tedious. The music score is sort of a free flowing jazz jam. It’s a typical luchador horror movie with a hysterical looking monster.

A lot of people compare the movie to “The Blob” 1958 with Steve McQueen. It’s not the same. Yes they both have alien blobs in them but that is as far as the comparison goes. There are a lot of blob movies, be they alien or home grown, out there. My lovable “The Creeping Terror “, for one. Another would be “Caltiki: The Immortal Monster” 1959, “Bacterium” 2006, “X The Unknown” 1956, “Quatermass 2” 1957, “Island of Terror” 1966, the blob creature from “Angry Red Planet” 1959, even “The Stuff” 1985 qualifies.

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