In the Arachnea galaxy are an alien race called Arachnids. The Queen of the Arachnids feeds on brains of creatures from another world. Having run out of these creatures her subjects have been searching other galaxies for a new food source for their queen. It is a dangerous job but they need to save her. They are a cruel and bloodthirsty race. Their motto is “Kill or be killed”. Finally the Arachnids find Earth. Earth is full of people with powerful minds, perfect food for their queen.

On Earth the luchador Blue Demon is finishing a world wrestling championship match. After winning the match he and his friend Jose (Sergio Virel) are driving home. Another car comes up and passes them. At that moment Blue Demon sees something in the sky. There is a flash of light and the car dies. Once they get the car going again they continue on. Up ahead they see the car that passed them. They stop and look inside. The driver is now nothing but a charred hulk. Blue Demon speculates that it could be spontaneous combustion. He thinks that there may have been a neutrino imbalance that caused it.

While Blue Demon and Jose report the incident to the police, the alien Queen’s spacecraft lands. The aliens in the scout ships that came before the Queen arrived have taken human form but the Queen is still an arachnid. The Queen is hungry. She sends two of her minions, Molok (Nathanael Leon) and Protik to score some brains. After an appetizer of a young woman’s brain the Queen sends her minions out for more.

With all these unusual disappearances happening Lieutenant Robles (Ramon Bugarini) from the police is at a loss as to what is going on. He enlists the help of Blue Demon, Jose and Jose’s girlfriend Hilda (Blanca Sanchez). Blue Demon believes it’s aliens from outer space. He suggests they go back to the scene of the first crime with a radiation detector.

The Queen has spies everywhere and knows where Blue Demon and his friends will be. Her assistant, Victima (Jessica Munguia), hits them with a paralyzing ray. Blue is too strong for the ray and manages to beat up the minions sent to capture them. The Queen realizes that Blue is one of the chosen ones. She wants him captured intact.

“Blue Demon vs the Hellish Spiders” AKA “Aranas Infernales” AKA “Cerebros diabolicos” AKA “Hellish Spiders” was released in 1968 and was directed by Federico Curiel.

After Santo opened the doors for luchadores in movies a whole bunch of other wrestling stars came through it. Blue Demon AKA Alejandro Munoz Moreno is one of the most popular of them. Between 1961 and 1979 he was in twenty-six films in his career.

There are quite a few wrestling matches in this film and most of them are quite entertaining. Whether it’s the opponent, the moves or even the one where Blue Demon is wrestling the spider prince from outer space whose hand morphs into a fuzzy spider, the matches are a blast.

Footage is used from films such as “Teenagers from Outer Space” 1959 and “Plan 9 from Outer Space” 1957. Special effects include a wall of balloons and painted Styrofoam balls as well as Styrofoam balls on strings.

I found the film to be a heck of a lot of fun.

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