Count Alexander Cagliostro (Tito Novaro) has been summand to the secret laboratory of mad scientist Professor Raymond. The Count is a centuries old warlock who wants revenge on the world for being persecuted. Professor Raymond also wants to rule the world for its own good. The two agree to work together. Cagliostro understands human nature and is aware that once Raymond conquers the world he will become the usual despot. He is aware that power corrupts. Raymond insists that he just wants peace but Cagliostro knows better and he is fine with that. A concordat is formed between the two.

Cagliostro tells Raymond that he only lacks one thing to complete his experiments. Raymond questions him on how he knows this. Cagliostro says he can read minds. It’s one of the perks for being a warlock. Raymond shows Cagliostro the blueprint of a machine he created based on an ancient text that will, once finished, control minds. He says that it needs a radioactive element to work, if the element exists.

Cagliostro says that it does exist and that the element is called Hernium. The existence of which was proven by the Count of Frankenhausen, who is now deceased. Frankenhausen discovered the element by studying the deaths of miners from a particular silver mine. The mine is now lost. In order to find the silver mine they need to resurrect the dead bodies of the long dead miners. Cagliostro says that he has the ability to revive the mummies of the miners and control them with his will. At least temporarily. Cagliostro tells Raymond that the mummies of the silver miners can be found in Guanajuato. They are in fact the notorious Guanajuato Mummies.

Raymond and Cagliostro head off to Guanajuato cemetery with five midget minions. (Mexican luchador films are fond of including little people as henchmen.) Using an ancient text from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Cagliostro raises the mummies from the dead. They head off to find the mine. As they are leaving they are seen by a boy, Efrain (Julio Cesar Agrasanchez). Efrain tells his friend Thomas. They go to the police but the police don’t believe them. Thomas knows Mexican wrestler Mil Mascaras (Thousand Masks). They go to him for help.

Mil mascaras enlists Blue Angel and El Rayo de Jalisco (the Lightning Bolt of Jalisco) to help thwart Raymond’s and Cagliostro’s evil plans.

“El Robo de las Momias de Guanajuato” AKA”Robbery of the Mummies of Guanajuato” was released in 1972 and was directed by Tito Novaro. Tito also plays Count Cagliostro. It is a Mexican horror, luchador superhero film.

The plot is a little involved. Raymond and Cagliostro both want to rule the world. To do that they need to make an apparatus that, once implanted in people, will control their minds. In order to make a mind control device they need Hernium. To get the Hernium they need to raise a bunch of mummies from the dead and use them to find the mine and as slave labor in the mine since Hernium is dangerous. Not only is it used to make the mind control devises it is also highly explosive and can be used to make bombs that are more powerful than either Atomic bombs or Hydrogen bombs. That’s a lot of plot points.

The mummies are cool looking. Kind of a cross between a scarecrow and a zombie. Granted they don’t do a heck of a lot. After all they’re dead and mostly shuffle around. But they are neat looking. Included is a wrestling match in the ring. Outside of the ring there isn’t as much wrestling as you would usual find in a luchador film. The movie is a little talky but there are a few scenes where the heroes beat up some mummies and a few midgets. It’s not the best Mexican horror film but the plot alone was precious.

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