In Germany, in an asylum for the criminally insane, Professor Pohland (Walter Rilla) becomes possessed by the spirit of the world’s worst criminal, Dr. Mabuse before the evil criminal dies.  Now as Dr. Mabuse, the professor picks up where the original Mabuse left off. 

Mabuse’s first order of business is to destroy the records of his crimes and the details of future crimes that he had planned.  The records were in the hands of the police in Hamburg.  When the safe is blown up, the records are destroyed.  His next plot is to facilitate the escape of George Cockstone (Dieter Borsche).  While Cockstone is being taken to prison, his train is derailed, and the guard killed.  Cockstone is given a new face via plastic surgery.  He is then placed in the employment of Professor Lawrence.  Lawrence has invented a device that can control the human brain.  Cockstone’s job is to learn everything he can about it. 

When the device is perfected Mabuse has Cockstone steal it.  They hide it in a box that looks very much like an ordinary camera.  To test the device, they order a mild-mannered postman to kill Professor Lawrence.  Satisfied that the mind control device works, Mabuse goes on a crime spree.  Use of the device brings out a problem.  The device only works until the person who is controlled goes to sleep.  Once that happens, the mind readjusts.  To combat that problem Mabuse’s henchmen and victims must be reconditioned each day.

Meanwhile, Inspector Vulpius (Werner Peters) and Inspector Joe Wright (Klaus Kinski) are searching for Cockstone.  They ask for help from the agent on the original case, Major Bill Tern (Peter van Eyck), from Scotland Yard.  As they stumble through tracking down the force behind the evil deeds, they end up the subject of the mind control mechanism.  The effects of which are varied.  This gives Tern an insight into a way to circumvent Mabuse’s control and destroy his plans.    

“Dr. Mabuse vs Scotland Yard” AKA “Scotland Yard Hunts Dr. Mabuse” AKA “Scotland Yard vs. Dr Mabuse” AKA “Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse” was released in 1963 and was directed by Paul May.  It is a German crime film and a krimi.  The film was based on a story by Bryan Edgar Wallace.  It is the seventh Dr. Mabuse film.  Fritz Lang started the Dr. Mabuse cannon and directed three of the Dr. Mabuse films.  By now Mabuse films have evolved, or devolved as some would say, into your standard krimi style film.  The Mabuse character was created by Norbert Jacques.

Klaus Kinski’s part is rather small but, for the most of it, he plays a good guy for a change.  Comic relief is provided by Agnes Windeck as Tern’s mother Gwendolyn, whose insights are more correct than all of Scotland Yard and the Hamburg police department put together.  Silliness aside there is one scene where an executioner is ordered to kill himself.  That scene has a gothic hue to it that added an interesting touch to a normally average krimi. 

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