More than a three hour tour.

A team of environmentalists have chartered a boat to trespass on a secluded military island. The environmentalists believe that some illegal experiments are going on and they want to capture it on film. When they get to the island they find no one there. They find what looks like a deserted house, where they are confronted by Dr. Susan Richardson. She tells them that everyone on the island is dead, including her father. It seems the researchers were working on a compound that could make edible plants grow to super size, however the military had other ideas. They wanted to test the compound's effects on animals, and proceeded to feed it to several Komodo dragons and cobras.

The result is giant komodos and cobras. And they're hungry. The scientists were looking to do something good but, as usual, the military has to make weapons. I would normally say that governments always pick animals that are nasty to make in the giant economy size. Why not use something cute and fluffy but then I remembered “Night of the Lepus”.

Back to these bad guys. The big boys are roaming free on the island. The government sends in a team of special ops guys to kill them. At the same time the environmentalists are trying to just stay alive. Everybody is invited to lunch. The government wants to cover up their bad doings so they want to bomb the island whether there are people still on it or not.

"Komodo vs Cobra" was released in 2005 and was directed by Jim Wynorski. The theme of this movie reminds me a little of “The Beginning of the End” only that movie had giant locusts. And they ate Illinois.

The acting and characterization don’t really matter since everyone is basically talking food for Komodo and Cobra. Although I did like Michael Pare’s performance as Captain Mike Stoddard and I could have done without the annoying twit named Jerry. The CGI is obvious and for some reason no one ever runs out of bullets. It’s still a fun “B” movie.

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