Creepy crawly

A group of Americans is backpacking In India. Along with their guide Brian (Mike Rogers) are Gina (Emma Catherwood), John (Cian Barry), Stacey (Lisa Livingstone), Geraldine (Jane Pery) and Phil (Michael Smiley). Geraldine is bitten by a poisonous spider and becomes ill. Brian knows that Geraldine may not make it if they try to return to civilization but there is an American doctor, Dr. Lecorpus (Lance Henriksen) that lives in the jungle with one of the jungle tribes. He is an expert on spiders so they take Geraldine to the jungle village.

Dr. Lecorpus treats the girl and while Gina, John and Phil return to the village and civilization. Brian and Stacy stay in native village. They decide to visit a temple in the forest while waiting for Geraldine to recover. In the temple they find a danger, evil a spider worshiping cult and an even darker secret.

If you have a problem with spiders, do not watch this movie. Even the opening credits on this are freaky. Although most of the spiders are fake, (and they do look fake), having them crawl all over people is still a little unsettling. That and Lance Henriksen made things a little eerie. His performance was to say the least bizarre.

Other than that the movie did not have much to say for itself. The acting was so-so. The characters were not engaging and rather flat. You really didn’t care much about them. I wasn’t sure why they were in the Indian jungle to begin with. I myself do not think of a jungle jaunt for my vacation plans. And some of the mistakes they made caused me to wonder how any of them managed to survive to the end.

There was one unusual aspect. Why was this jungle tribe worshiping spiders to begin with? And what does it have to do with the black market?

Creepy-yes. Good-not really. But hey. We’re talking “B” movie so creepy is good enough. Just make sure that tickle you feel on your arm or leg is not really a spider.

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