Everything but the kitchen sink.

I'll start out by saying I really liked this movie. I am a fan of Horror and Sci-Fi from the 50's and 60's so “B” movies are a favorite of mine and cheesy has my name all over it. The reviews for this movie were very mixed. Some thought it was a rip off of other movies. Some were even down right nasty about it. That may be so but if you watch it with the right mind set you'll realize that even if the makers stole everything from every horror and science fiction movie ever made the result is enough references to make up your own drinking game. If you strap yourself in and just ride this roller coaster you'll get the following:

An alien with the head of Alien, and a body that is a combination of Terminator and Predator. You get a hero who is a doctor and a scientist. You get a villain that is also a doctor and an archeologist (complete with accent), and a female potential love interest that is also a doctor and a CIA agent. You get a little kid Shortround type side kick. You get Borneo native tribes and a cleansing ceremony. You get references to "Alien vs Predator", "Terminator", "Predator", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Jurassic Park", "Temple of Doom", "Species", etc., etc.

You get beautiful jungle scenery and ancient legends. You get a resurrected alien that can make itself invisible. You get alien eye views. You get a helicopter chasing a speed boat. You get explosions (lots of explosions), fire, missiles, bombs, machine guns (lots of machine guns), mercenaries, blood, gore, etc., etc... The name DNA does not really reflect all of what this movie is about. Enjoy it anyway you want. Don't expect too much and you will have a good time.

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