"There’s a flying satellite and a 30 foot giant a few miles out on 66."

A comet-like object streaks across the sky. It lands in front of Nancy Archer’s (Allison Hayes) car. A giant comes out of it. He is reaching for Nancy. She runs back to town and tells sheriff Dubbitt (George Douglas). When the sheriff checks out her story there is nothing there. Just her car. They think she has been drinking. Nancy is rich.

Harry Archer (William Hudson) is cheating on his wife. Harry is a dog. His girlfriend Honey Parker (Yvette Vickers) wants Harry to put his wife in a nut house and throw away the key. Honey is a bitch.

Nancy insists they go out to the desert and find the satellite. They drive for hours. They finally find it. Nancy runs up to it. Harry runs after her. The giant reaches out for Nancy. Harry runs away. He gets in the car and takes off leaving Nancy behind. Not only is Harry a dog, he’s also a coward.

When they find Nancy she’s been contaminated with some kind of radiation and her husband has no answers. His girlfriend Honey wants Harry to kill Nancy. Not only is Honey a bitch, she’s also evil. Harry sneaks back into the house. To find that Nancy… got real big. And she’s got balloon hands. The sheriff sees footprints outside the house. He follows them to the satellite and sees the big guy. Now he believes. The satellite with the alien leaves. In the meantime Nancy wakes up and decides to go find Harry.

"Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" was released in 1958 and was directed by Nathan Juran. This thing is so far fetched its funny. I would have liked more giant woman rampaging but alas it was not to be. Back then movies were a lot shorter and budgets were a lot smaller. Even so, it’s still a classic in the low-budget monster movie sense. It’s only 65 minutes long and the giant woman rampaging part is only about 5 minutes but it still qualifies as camp. As far as I’m concerned she had the right to rampage and both Harry and Honey got what they deserved. But I still love those balloon hands.

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