“May the force of the galaxy be with me.”

An alien spaceship is sent to Earth.  On board is an extra-terrestrial named Kronos (Jose Luis Ayestaran) who is in suspended animation.  Kronos is revived and assigned to save the Earth from evil doings and ensure the survival of mankind.  Kronos is given superpowers and a watch that he can use to activate his powers when accompanied by the phrase “May the force of the galaxy be with me”.  When activated Kronos becomes the superhero Supersonic.  On Earth, when not in superhero mode, his alter ego is Paul (Antonio Cantafora), a private investigator. 

On Earth, super villain Dr. Gulik (Cameron Mitchell) is determined to take over the world.  He has his henchmen, along with a cool robot, attack a scientific facility, steal radioactive material and kidnap the famous scientist, Professor Morgan (Jose Maria Caffarel).  Morgan discovered a way to make the most powerful fuel in the world.  With it, Gulik can make a death ray.  Gulik wants Professor Morgan to work with him on his mission to rule the world.  Morgan refuses.  Gulik plans on kidnapping Morgan’s daughter, Patricia (Diana Polakov) and use her to force the Professor to comply. 

When Gulik attempts to have Patricia kidnapped, Supersonic saves her.  Once back in his alter ego as Paul, he befriends Patricia.  Gulik finds out that Supersonic is protecting Morgan’s daughter.  Gulik tries to kill the superhero in several ways but is unsuccessful.  Gulik warns Supersonic that if he doesn’t surrender himself, then Gulik will destroy New York City.

“Supersonic Man” AKA “Supersonic” was released in 1979 and was directed by Juan Piquer Simon.  It is a Spanish superhero action film and a comedy.

Like with most low budget superhero movies, the special effects are funnier than the intentional humor.  What they lack in technique, they make up for in explosions.  Some of the model miniatures created for the film were crappy but some of them were actually good.  One of the best things about the film is the robot.  It’s a lumbering silver contraption that shoots flames and has rockets on its head. 

For me the highlights were the rickety robot and the fake steamroller that Supersonic lifts up to prevent Patricia’s car from crashing into it.  There is also a scene where Supersonic is talking to Patricia, but his lips never move.  He also has the ability to change a gun into a banana.  Even though the film is basically a rip off of “Superman” 1978, it’s ridiculous enough to make its own mark.  The film is a little cringe worthy and the whole film was silly but really fun.

The dubbing was so-so.  Even American Cameron Mitchell’s voice was dubbed, despite the fact that he spoke his lines in English.  Jose Luis Ayestaran, the guy who plays Kronos AKA Supersonic was a bodybuilder, a stuntman and former Tarzan actor.

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