Well if I couldn’t get myself killed chasing it. What fun would it be?

How do alligators get into the sewer system? Irate dads flush them down the toilet. That’s what happened to Ramon. Twelve years later Ramon is still alive and living happily in the city sewer system. It’s a good life. Nice and dark. No one bothers you. Plenty of water. And they feed you down there. What do you feed a free range pet alligator? Well if you are Slade Pharmaceuticals you feed it dogs that have been injected with an experimental growth hormone. Of course this hormone has a side effect of increasing the metabolism which causes an insatiable appetite. Well what do you do when you’re still hungry? You go to the local all-you-can-catch buffet.

When body parts start showing up at the local water treatment plant Detective David Madison (Robert Forster) is assigned to the case. He is not without a history. Having lost a partner in the line of duty he is, to a certain extent, persona non grata. He manages to team up with a young rookie named Kelly (Perry Lang). They wander around the sewer for a while when they are attacked by Ramon and Kelly is killed. Madison wakes up in the hospital talking about Alligators in the sewer but no one believes him.

After a reporter gets killed and photographs the monster Madison teams up with herpetologist Marisa Kendall (Robin Riker). Together they search for Ramon. All they manage to do is disturb the creature. It emerges from the sewer and rampages through the city. After it disappears again the city calls in Colonel Brock (Henry Silva). A big game hunter. Brock finds the alligator, however, not in a good way. Ramon eats Brock. Madison and Marisa must find Ramon and come up with a plan to kill him once and for all.

Written by John Sayles “Alligator” is a cool monster movie. Alligators are creepy to begin with. Plus they are living dinosaurs. But this guy is really bad. With an accelerated appetite he does more eating than anything. And blood is everywhere. He’s 36 feet of muscle. Ramon is one cool alligator. Some people say it’s a rip off of “Jaws”. Who cares? Everything is a rip off of something else. It’s a giant alligator rampaging and eating everything in sight. It’s a rip roarin’ good monster

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