Kenya (Eva Leon) is caught dallying with her lover, the high priest Guede Nibo (Aldo Sambrell) by Kenya’s husband.  A fight ensues and the husband ends up dead.  The locals behead Kenya, poison Guede Nibo, mummify him and put him in a sarcophagus.  A thousand years later the mummy is found and paraded around to various museums.

Dr. Robert Kessling (Alfredo Mayo) is the current owner of the mummy.  He is bringing it to Port-au-Prince, where the mummy will be exhibited on television.  Robert and his secretary/girlfriend, Silvia (Eva Leon) are on a luxury cruise ship headed for the Caribbean, with the mummy in the hold of the ship.  During the voyage Kessling arranges for musicians and a dancer to perform some native rituals.  During the dance the mummy awakens and turns the man guarding the sarcophagus, Freddy (Ricardo Rodriguez), into a zombie slave.

The mummy rejuvenates and wanders around the ship.  When he sees Silvia, he believes that she is the reincarnation of his love, Kenya.  The mummy, now released, begins chopping off people’s heads and conducting general mayhem, pausing from time to time to return to the sarcophagus to rest. 

“Voodoo Black Exorcist” AKA “Black Exorcist” AKA “Black Voodoo Exorcist” AKA “Bloody Voodoo” AKA “The Vengeance of the Zombie” was released in 1974 and was directed by Manuel Cano.  It is a Spanish horror film in the grindhouse and blaxploitation tradition.

Acting is so-so and the dubbing is crap.  In addition, the pacing is bad, and the editing is choppy.  The movie itself is rather talky, at least up until someone gets run over by a steamroller.

The star of the show is a mummy and not a zombie.  There is actually only one zombie in the movie and that is Freddy, the guy that the mummy injected with poison.   

It may say it is about a black voodoo exorcist but in really it is your basic mummy movie.  A priest is in love with a woman.  She is beheaded and he is put in a coffin.  Centuries later the priest is awakened, and he sees a woman that is the reincarnation of his love.  The mummy seeks revenge.  There is a little variation in the theme but not much.  It wasn’t a really bad film; I just didn’t care for it all that much.

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