In rural England, the remnants of the old Mooney family resides in a large estate.  The head of the family is Pa Mooney (Douglas Phair).  Pa isn’t in very good health and at 180 years old is nearing the end of his life.  His oldest daughter, Phoebe (Joan Ogden) takes care of him and tries to keep the family together.  The oldest son is Mortimer (Noel Collins).  Mortimer is fairly well adjusted, considering the family issues, and handles the affairs of the estate.  Also at home are Pa’s selfish and sadistic daughter, Monica (Hope Stansbury) and a second son, Malcolm (Berwick Kaler).  Malcolm is considered insane and is kept under lock and key.  All of the family members suffer from an inherited disease.  They are werewolves. 

The remaining family member is Diana (Jackie Skarvellis).  She has a different mother from the other kids and is believed to have not inherited the family curse.  Pa has been working for years on a cure for the family ailment.  Monica was sent away to medical school.  Pa wanted her to return home after graduation and help him with his research and experiments on a cure.  While Diana was away she married Gerald (Ian Innes).  Pa is upset that Diana would go behind his back and marry someone without his permission.  He is depending on Diana to cure the family lycomania and save the family legacy.  Diana has different ideas.       

“The Rats Are Coming - The Werewolves Are Here” was released in 1972 and was written and directed by Andy Milligan.  It is an American horror film.

The movie was filmed in England and was called "The Curse of the Full Moon".  The running time was only 72 minutes. The film’s producer wanted a longer running time so Milligan, wanting to jump on the “Willard” 1971 craze, added the scenes that included the flesh eating rats.  The additional footage was shot New York. 

The rat portion of the film really has nothing to do with the overall plot and the only cast members involved in it were Hope Stansbury and Milligan himself, as the pawnshop owner.  Afterwards Milligan had difficulty getting rid of the rats so he offered them to theater patrons as part of a publicity stunt. 

Hope Stansbury, who plays Monica Mooney, was scared of rats and at her request was given a fake one to handle instead.  In addition to the pawnshop owner Milligan also played the gunsmith.

The movie is basically a werewolf soap opera.  If they’re not bitching and moaning they’re whining about someone else’s bitching and moaning.  I realize that being a werewolf has its issues, but good lord, get some therapy.

The plot was basically nonexistent, the sound was bad, the cinematography was bad, and the acting was bad.  It is a lot of boring punctuated by some grossness and overall camp.  It is a bit on the splatter movie side.  It’s certainly not Milligan’s best, but then I’m not sure he has a best. 

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